Relax Momma.

Are you exhausted from juggling everyday life? Do you need relief from pregnancy stress? Do you need relaxation techniques to relieve body pain? Is your mind swimming with anxiety?

You need to relax momma!

A space to find rejuvenation, de-stress and experience relief.


Relax Momma

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Join a small group of women for a Relax Momma series. Four sessions meant for you. In every session, we help you:

  1. Learn to use music to help manage pain
  2. Increase body mindfulness with gentle, low-impact body movements
  3. Develop your ability to slow your thoughts through meditative practices
  4. Build positive mental associations to reduce anxiety

Are you a woman with?

  • AnxietyRelaxation dialogue bubbles copy
  • Body pain
  • Pre or Post-natal stress
  • Sleep problems
  • Depression

…you need to come experience how guided music therapy relaxation will benefit your life. Guided relaxation has many proven benefits. Relax Momma sessions incorporate many aspects of guided relaxation, and are modelled after music therapist Esther Thane’s published method. Live voice and piano are added with innovation for an ultimate experience.