Music education


Because Supriya believes learning a musical instrument to be vital to an individual’s experience, she offers a few music lessons during the week, alongside her music therapy practice. As an accredited music therapist offering music lessons, Supriya highly values establishing a supportive rapport in her instruction.  Students are encouraged to practice, learn, create and perform.

Lessons with Supriya are structured, energetic and tailored to the individual.  Focus is on technique, ear training, sight reading, repertoire and current music for a well rounded music education.  Creative skills, such as song-writing, lyric addition and band elements are added as students build their skills and demonstrate interest.  Lessons are provided in her professional home studio in VicWest, Victoria BC.

**Supriya has been teaching music for over 15 years in Calgary and Vancouver.  Recently relocated to Victoria, she is accepting new piano and voice students for January 2016.  Lessons are available for ages 6 to adult; beginner to intermediate levels.


What are adapted music lessons?  How is that different from music therapy?

Adapted music lessons address the learning of musical skills, which can include how to play an instrument or sing, read music, music theory, aural theory, and so on, and within the context of the special (behavioural, physical, cognitive) needs of the clients.

Music therapy works to address non-musical goal areas.  Prioritized are areas of speech, communication, motor planning, cognition, social skills, and emotional well-being.  Musical skill acquisition is not a primary focus.